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Since 1979, owner Mike Aboshar has proudly served the woodworking and picture framing industries. In 1993 he started Northeast Saw and ever since has offered unparalleled service, computer controlled sharpening, competitive pricing and an overall value that keeps his saw blade customers returning.

Our Sharpening Services
<h1 class="ftitle">Everlast Blades</h1><h3 class="fsub">for FESTOOL</h3>

Everlast Blades


160MM X 20MM bore
28T Rip $45.00
48T Fine Cut $49.00
48T Solid Surface $49.00
210MM X 30MM bore
36T Rip $59.95
52T Fine Cut $72.50
260MM X 30MM bore
60T Miter $85.00
80T Miter $99.95
*Plus Freight
<h1 class="title">Everlast</h1><h1 class="fsub">$89.95*</h1>



12" X 80T Miter Saw Blade
*Plus Freight
<h1 class="title">Everlast</h1><h1 class="fsub">$69.95</h1>



10" X 50T Rip/Crosscut Blade
*Plus Freight
<h1 class="title">Everlast</h1><h1 class="fsub">$69.95</h1>



10" X 60T Triple Chip
Crosscut Table Saw Blade
*Plus freight

Our Products

We offer many products from top manufacturers including: FS Tool, Everlast Saw, Amana, European Tooling, Whitside, Leuco, Gladu, Leitz, Popular Tool, Freeborn Tool, Velepec, Charles GG Schmidt and more. We are happy help you choose the correct Carbide Saw Blade, Router Bit or Shaper Cutter.

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Our Services

Using Computer Controlled Equipment we sharpen Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, Dado Sets, Router Bits, Shaper Cutters and more. Send us your sharpening and we will turn it around in 1-3 working days (in most cases) and UPS it back to you. We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover.


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